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Talk to another attorney and talk to us.  Judge the difference.

The Cohn Law Firm, a sole proprietorship, welcomes you to our office.
Principal Attorney: William A. Cohn

We offer many legal services, Including the following:


Social Security Disability

Damage to Property

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

Wage Earner Bankruptcy (Chapter 13)

Debt Consolidation

Defense of Lawsuit - If you're being sued


Child Custody

Child Support or visitation


Juvenile Court Matters


Probate Court -

-Entering the Will in Court &

-Opening an Estate

- Conservatorships

- Guardianships

Criminal Defense

DUI Defense

Defense of Traffic Tickets

Sports Law


Reorganization out of Court and

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Collection of Commercial Accounts

Drafting of Instruments, Documents,and Agreements

Forming Corporations

Corporate Record Keeping and Procedures

Representation of Creditors in

Bankruptcy Proceedings




The secretary will ask you to fill out an information form. These questions are a necessary part of your interview, for at a glance the attorney will obtain essential data about you. Your address and phone number are needed in case we need to contact you. Please be assured that all information is: confidential and none of your records will be disclosed without your written consent.


OFFICE HOURS - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday.

On weekends and after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays the attorneys are in the office at various times. Please limit after hours calls to emergencies or referrals only

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Of necessity the attorneys must work by appointment. Trials and Court appearances do not always run on time, and emergencies do occur; therefore., delays in the schedule are inevitable. A sincere attempt is made to adhere to the schedule. The attorney's time is severely limited. If you feel you have an, extensive or lengthy topic to discuss, please make an appointment. Our office policy is that it is the CLIENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT THIS OFFICE FOR UPDATES on the STATUS of your case. If you are to appear in Court, we will send a reminder card a few weeks prior to the Court date to allow you to make needed arrangements.

WHAT GOES ON HERE - You may see clients called in ahead of you although you may have waited longer than they. These are clients of whom the secretary, clerk, or associate takes care under the attorney's supervision. They may be signing papers, answering questions for Court, etc., and these services do not interfere with the regular schedule or with the time reserved for you.

TELEPHONE CALLS - For the attorney to leave a client with whom he is consulting or interviewing to answer every phone call to the office would obviously be unfair to the client with whom he is consulting or interviewing. THE OFFICE STAFF HAS BEEN TRAINED TO ANSWER MOST OF YOUR QUESTIONS. If they are unable to answer your questions, your file will be presented to the attorney and his answer to your questions will be relayed to you as soon as possible. You will often .speak to a secretary or paralegal. They cannot give you legal advice, but they can answer many questions for which you will not be billed.

BILLING- UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, OUR FEES ARE ON AN HOURLY BASIS. EACH AND EVERY ACTION AN ATTORNEY DOES, INCLUDING USE OF THE TELEPHONE, TAKES TIME FOR WHICH YOU WILL BE BILLED. Thus, if you are billed on an hourly basis, it does not matter what type of case we are handling. There Is no limit on fees because of the type of case. Clients should. remember that professional services are rendered to and charged to the client, and not anyone else. The responsibility for payment of these fees is the direct obligation of the client.

RESULTS - There are NO guarantees. We will do all the work that we deem to be necessary. However, you must understand that a dispute has 2 sides, and one side wins and one side loses; and the side that wins does not always "Win big."'

FEES - Most clients expect to be paid when they perform work, and we do too. We expect our clients to honor their contracts by paying the total amount for which they are billed.

If appropriate, we will bill account balances monthly. Payment is expected monthly and 1½ % monthly interest is charged on any balance. Any question about our fees should be directed to our bookkeeper at our office at (901) 757-5557.

REPRESENTATION: If we recommend other counsel, we will not be representing you, unless we have a written contract or some other form of writing to that effect. We will not be representing you under any circumstances unless we have a written contract signed by you. We will not notify you of any Statute of Limitations, or changes in the law, without a written contract.

If you have not signed a written contract, and we open a file by mistake, we will close the file immediately as soon as we find that your contract is not signed. The file will not be reopened until we receive our written contract signed by you.

Our job as a lawyer is to remain objective. This is your case. It is our goal to give you honest, objective advice. We will not cross ethical lines on your behalf. We will do everything we can within ethical and legal limits.

COURT - On occasion, our lawyers substitute for each other at court appearances.

COMMISSIONS - This firm, through, its Real Estate Closings, receives a commission on the premium;& received by title insurance companies from our client's purchase of 'title insurance.

Certification as a specialist in Tennessee is not currently available in all areas and is NOT claimed unless noted otherwise. Attorneys listed are NOT certified in any area unless noted.

Call 901-757-5557 for a free appointment to discuss your situation.

Main Office: 12830 Hillcrest #D-111 Dallas, Texas. 75230 Telephone: 972-994-9393

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