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COSTS: $225.00 for filing fees (General Sessions Court) and $500.00
for filing fees (Circuit Court), subpoenas, and
Garnishment and execution court fees.

(To be paid in advance)

ATTORNEY FEES: Either: Hourly at $225.00 per hour; or Contingent: 33 1/3% of all gross amounts recovered.
COSTS: $800.00 for costs of deposition, filing fee, and subpoenas


$5,000.00 retainer to be credited against hourly fee of $225.00 per hour; billing on a monthly basis for all work, including telephone calls, performed by the attorney. This amount is negotiable and can be adjusted based upon need.
ATTORNEY FEES: Either: Hourly at $225.00 per hour; or Contingent: 33 1/3% of all gross amounts recovered.

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Collection of an account may be for an individual who is owed a debt or for a company who is owed several debts.
At your direction, we will either:
1) send a letter to notify the client of our representation, and call the debtor to notify of our representation; then file suit should you wish, and try to enforce your contract. OR
2) simply file suit and try to collect the debt through Court procedures.
Court procedures consist of filing a lawsuit; conducting discovery, which consists of depositions, requests for documents, and so forth; appearing in Court and taking a default judgment with an affidavit of account supplied by you; or having a trial in the case and obtaining a judgment; then issuing garnishments on wages and bank accounts, executions on wages, and so forth to collect the debt.

Our firm has substantial experience in collection matters. We represent both creditors and we defend debtors. Obviously we cannot represent defendants on a contingency fee basis as there is nothing of which to obtain a percentage.
Our hourly fees cover any and all activities in which we engage, including telephone calls. Our hourly rate is $225.00 per hour. We will bill you much less for ministerial functions, like filing a document in the Court Clerk's Office as this can be done by our law clerk. However, we must still pay our law clerk and paralegal, as we must pay our other expenses, and we therefore must charge you for this activity. We know that you have many bills facing you in this traumatic time. However, you would not want to wait on your paycheck, and we very much prefer not to wait on ours. We expect to be at the top of your list when meeting your obligations. We will work with you, but we expect at least some payment on your obligation to us each and every month in which a balance is due.

We welcome your inquiries. Please feel free to call us or come see us with your questions. If you prefer to come by, please make an appointment. First appointment is free!

THE COHN LAW FIRM 901/757-5557

William A. Cohn
William A. Cohn has over 25 years of experience in creditors' rights.
Court locations for Shelby County, Tennessee:
Chancery 3rd floor, west corridor, all divisions
Circuit 2nd floor, west corridor, Division 1 & 5
2nd floor, east corridor, Division 8
2nd floor, south corridor, Divisions 2 & 9
2nd floor, north corridor, Divisions 6 & 7
3rd floor, north corridor, Divisions 3 & 4

All Courts which try civil cases are located in:
Old Courthouse, between Washington and Adams, and between 2nd and 3rd streets

Call 901-757-5557 for a free appointment to discuss your situation.

Main Office: 12830 Hillcrest #D-111 Dallas, Texas. 75230 Telephone: 972-994-9393

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